Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

I am running for County Board to represent the residents of District 17, which includes the villages and unincorporated areas of Island Lake, Lake Barrington, Port Barrington, North Barrington, Barrington Hills, Tower Lakes, Fox River Grove, Hawthorn Woods, and Wauconda.

Lake County is a large municipal organization, with a $437 Million Annual Operating Budget and needs to keep their expenditures in line so that it doesn't turn into the financial mess we see in the State of Illinois. I want to work with my colleagues on the County Board and our leaders in Springfield to help ease taxpayers burden from pensions and school funding to help homeowner's property taxes.  I am a fiscal conservative, pro business, socially moderate Republican who can get the job done.

With my past experience as Mayor of North Barrington, Barrington Area Council of Government (BACOG) President, and Trustee (Wauconda and North Barrington) I have the skills, knowledge, and collaboration to make a positive difference for the residents of District 17.



Elected officials need to be good stewards of the public's money, balancing income and expenditures while looking for ways to decrease costs. 

Illinois has not been an example of good government. Property-tax growth over the last few decades in Illinois is overwhelming. Since 1990, residential property taxes have grown 3.3 times faster than the state‚Äôs median household income.

I will be sure Lake County looks for ways to save taxpayer's money and work with and stand up to those in Springfield to make sure Lake County's concerns are heard.


Economic Development is the key to success for municipalities, and especially Lake County.  The attraction of new businesses and retention and expansion of those currently here are vital the the area's prosperity. 

Lake County has over 30,000 businesses from locally-owned manufacturers to a number of Fortune 500 headquarters.

Of particular interest to me is the need to find trained talent to fill open advanced manufacturing positions. It will be my priority to have Lake County continue to partner with CLC and high school career and technical programs to  build a pipeline of future skilled workers.


Transportation and the Opioid problem are some of the current issues facing Lake County, and we need an engaged and experienced advocate, such as myself, for these and future issues.

I support  the Lake County Opioid/Heroin Prevention Task Force which aids in the efforts to reduce recidivism through strategic efforts relating to issues confronting users and ex-offenders. I support action along the entire process from doctors prescribing too many narcotics, support of addiction programs such as Gateway and Nicasa and raising awareness and treatment options through organizations such as Live4Lali.

Transportation is another key factor for those who live and work in Lake County. Making sure that our roads, bridges and bike paths are safe and moving freely for the traveling public will be one of my top priorities.