Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

Thank you to all the amazing people who supported this campaign, and while it wasn't the outcome we wanted,
it was a great experience with no regrets!


"Our endorsement goes to Starkey, whose elected service in Wauconda and North Barrington has shown her ability to lead important projects. In Wauconda, she's been a leader in bringing Lake Michigan water to village, helped revitalize downtown and the lakefront and worked on marketing efforts for the village."

-Daily Herald Editorial Board 2/25/2018

Read the full endorsement here.


I am a community leader from Wauconda who is running for the Republican nomination for the Lake County Board to lower your property taxes, create jobs, and support our local communities.  My involvement began when I lived in North Barrington. One day, I learned of a behind-the-scenes large scale development deal that was being formed without community input. I immediately took action and got the community involved, bringing together the various communities and stakeholders to get the project done right.

Then community service was in my blood. I ran successfully for Trustee, and then two years later was urged to run for Mayor of North Barrington, where I was elected twice. After moving our family overseas for five years for my husband’s business, we came back and settled down in Wauconda on Bang’s Lake, where I ran for Trustee and have served my community for seven years.

In my local service, I have prioritized community involvement, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and economic development. I earned a reputation as someone who does what they say they will do, avoids the political games and simply focuses on getting the job done.

As your County Board Member, my first priority will be to lower your property taxes by making government respect your hard-earned tax dollars. Just like I have done as a local leader, I will work to reduce spending and do more with less. I will increase collaboration between governments in order to streamline operations. And I will encourage a serious discussion about government consolidation.

I will also work to bring good-paying jobs to our community by supporting our small businesses and attracting additional businesses to Lake County. My primary focus here will be in preparing the next generation of skilled workers so our manufacturers and businesses can find the talent they need to thrive. My work revitalizing our downtown and lakefront in Wauconda has proven I know how to support businesses and grow jobs.

Finally, I will continue being an active and visible local leader, something we have been missing from our incumbent County Board Member who is just another politician. District 17 deserves better representation in the county, and as a local leader who has been active in our communities for decades, I am better suited to represent our needs at the county level.

If honored to receive your vote, I will be present, visible, and responsive, just as I have always been as a local community leader. I know it will be my job to serve you and represent your wishes on the County Board.

  • Cut Spending to Lower Your Property Taxes

My first priority as County Board Member will be to lower your property taxes.

Families in our community are struggling to pay among the highest property taxes in the country. In fact, since 1990, our property taxes have grown 3.3 times faster than our household incomes. This is not sustainable, and it is forcing families out of their homes and pushing businesses to relocate to other states.

It’s time government respected your hard-earned tax dollars. On the Lake County Board, I will lead on reducing spending wherever possible. I have proven it is possible to do more with less in my local government service, where we performed key services, decreased costs, kept a balanced budget, and not raise taxes.

We must seek out ways to further reduce our budget by prioritizing spending on core services and focusing on needs over wants. We should identify additional opportunities to share services with other units of government and even the private sector, cooperating in order to streamline operations and reduce costs. We also need to have a serious conversation about government consolidation, especially since Illinois has by far more units of government than any other state.

Finally, as your county representative, I will stand up to those in Springfield who wish to see our taxes raised again and again to cover their fiscal mismanagement. I will work with my colleagues on the County Board and our leaders in Springfield to identify ways to ease your tax burden at the state level.

  • Bring Good-Paying Jobs to Our Community

As our economy finally begins to recover, we must ramp up our economic development efforts to ensure we are supporting our current businesses and bringing additional good-paying jobs to the community for our residents.

Lake County is home to over 30,000 businesses, from locally-owned manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies. My involvement with my local Chamber of Commerce, as well as with Lake County Partners, has made me aware that many of these employers are struggling with finding the talent they need to continue to thrive.

I will work with Lake County Partners, the College of Lake County, and our local high schools to develop technical programs that will build a pipeline of future skilled workers that can fill these advanced technology and manufacturing positions. I will work to make our county more attractive to employers by streamlining the permitting process, and not raising permit fees as the county just recently did.

I’ve proven I know how to support businesses and grow jobs. Here in Wauconda, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with our business community to revitalize our downtown and lakefront and grow them into destinations. We have returned prosperity to our community, and I want to take those local successes and put them into practice at the county level.

    • Continue Being an Active and Visible Local Leader

Our region deserves better representation in the county. We are far from Waukegan, and there is clearly a disconnect as many people in our area don’t even know what their County Board Member does and what the county provides.

This should be no surprise, since our County Board Member was a political appointee, not chosen by voters, and lacks experience in our communities and local governments. He’s not seen at our local meetings and has not reached out to other local elected officials to work together.

It’s time we had a representative on the Lake County Board who is involved in our local communities, who will represent us and our needs, not just another politician. As that local leader, I know the issues that face our communities.

I know that we face an opioid crisis that must be dealt with immediately. I support Nicasa which empowers and promotes healthy lifestyles, the Lake County Opioid/Heroin Prevention Task Force which works to reduce recidivism, Gateway Treatment Centers which offers substance abuse treatment, and Live4Lali which works to prevent substance use disorder. In addition, I believe that if we work to provide more and better employment opportunities for our residents, having a job will give them purpose and help reduce their desire to abuse substances.

I am also aware that transportation is a big need in our community. We need to move traffic so people can get to work in a timely manner. The county has done a much better job than the state at investing in transportation projects, and I will use my knowledge of our area to ensure investments in our local infrastructure. We must also continue making progress on our water infrastructure. I led the way in getting Wauconda Lake Michigan water, which will take 18,000 people off the wells, a necessary step as our aquifers have been drying up.

My commitment to the residents of District 17 is that I will be present, visible, and responsive, as I have always been as a local community leader. I have no tolerance for politicians who show up only when a photo op presents itself. I will communicate directly with our residents via email, social media, and in person at local meetings and events. I will meet regularly with our mayors and local elected officials. And I will actively look for your feedback, because I know it will be my job to serve you and represent your wishes on the County Board.

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