Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

Linda Starkey for Lake County Board

About Linda

Linda Starkey is a community leader from Wauconda who is running for the Republican nomination for Lake County Board to lower property taxes, create jobs, and support our local communities.

One day, while living in North Barrington, Starkey opened up the newspaper and read about a behind-the-scenes deal to develop a strip mall with no prior meetings or public discussion. She had never been involved before, but she knew this wasn’t right, so she got involved and made the public aware of the project. She worked to involve the community in the decision, bringing together the various communities and stakeholders to get the project done right.

After that, Starkey was urged to run for local office, so she ran for Trustee and won. As Trustee, Starkey focused on improving the village’s communication with their residents. Two years later, Starkey was asked to run for Mayor, which she did and won twice. In her two terms as Mayor of North Barrington, Starkey worked to make the village more transparent and get residents more involved in their government. She was careful to ensure all viewpoints were heard, and unified the village to work together to get things done despite a limited budget.

Starkey’s family then moved to Singapore for her husband’s business. After a few years, they moved back to the community, settling in Wauconda on Bang’s Lake. Public service was now in her blood, so she returned to involvement in local government service. Starkey successfully ran for Trustee in Wauconda, where she has served her community for seven years. Her focus has been to revitalize Wauconda’s downtown, working with the Main Street Business Association to make it a destination. She has also worked to protect and promote the lake, one of Wauconda’s most important resources.

A true fiscal conservative, Starkey has proven she knows how to do more with less, maintaining a balanced budget. She gets things done, avoiding partisan bickering and petty political games. She has proven she does what she says she will do and simply focuses on getting the job done.

Starkey earned a Dual Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Northwestern University in Evanston. She also received a Certificate Degree in Small Business Management from the College of Lake County, being awarded the Top Business Student in 2016. Starkey founded Threads Boutique on Main Street in Wauconda and is Managing Director for an investment company that owns rental properties in Wauconda. Her husband owns Progressive Components, a recognized leader in the tooling industry, located in Wauconda for 27 years.

To her, small business is about community service, and she uses her involvement to support local efforts. Starkey chairs the Wauconda Turkey Trot, an annual event that promotes community spirit and is the largest source of funds for the local food pantry. She is an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce, where she received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2014 and the “Shining Star” award just recently in 2018. She is a Coordinator and past Director of Sharing Time and Resources, a local charity that supports the community. She helped launch Cruise Night and assists with planning and marketing this fun family event. She serves as a mentor and judge for the High School Future Business Leaders of America, helping mentor young adults. She is also a member of the Wauconda Lion’s Club and Moose Lodge. She has been active in the Lake County Municipal League, the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG).

The Starkey family lives by a motto of “Work Hard / Play Hard”, combining excellence in their careers, while participating in marathons, hockey leagues, etc. Linda, her husband Glenn, their three children (Christina, Jack, and David), and Maddie, their Border Collie, are a strong, good-hearted, giving family. They make time to spend together, often on Bang’s Lake, and try to do good in the world. Linda and Glenn are proud grandparents, with their eldest daughter having just recently blessed them with their first grandchild.

Municipal Experience

North Barrington Trustee (1997-1999)-In the late 1990's, I felt that the Village Board at the time wasn't receptive to the resident's concerns, there was a lack of transparency and ran for Trustee and was elected in the spring of 1997. 

North Barrington Mayor (1999-2004)- After serving a as Village Trustee I was urged to run for Mayor of North Barrington in 1999. I was elected to the position, and during my four year term I developed an active Parks Commission; an vibrant Environmental Commission, led a robust road resurfacing program, controlled thoughtful development, was active in the Lake County Municipal League, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and the Barrington Area Council of Governments,developed the areas first Intergovernmental Boundary Agreement between several municipalities and Lake County, helped form the Route 12 Corridor Council, all while keeping a balanced budget & not raising taxes for the Village.  I ran unopposed in the subsequent election in the spring of 2003.

Wauconda Trustee (2011-current)- I have been proud to represent the residents of Wauconda as a member of the Board of Trustees for the past seven years. Some of the things I have been most proud of can be categorized by:
  1. Core Services and Public Safety:
    • Lake Michigan Water-safe, long-term water supply
    • Voted to change water/sewer billing cycles
    • Voted to decrease late penalties for water bills
    • Vibrant Road resurfacing Programs each year
    • Tornado Warning signal in Liberty Lakes
    • Lift Station Improvements
    • Authorized Live Scan fingerprinting system
    • Hired professional Village Administrator & Police Chief
    • Simplified Liquor Licenses
    • Developed sound ordinance
    • Authorized purchase of StarComm radios for PD
    • IGA with School District for CSO & security
    • Garland Road Bike path
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
    • Balanced Budgets for 6 years
    • Supported Financial Reserve Policy
    • Decreased LMW costs by $298,000
    • Authorized the refinance of bonds to save $412,000
    • CBD Grants for roads in Crestview subdivision
    • Authorized upgrade of financial software
    • Authorized alternative revenue (gaming) $60,000/year
    • Assisted with donations for July 3rd fireworks totaling $20,000
    • Authorized co-op purchase agreement with LCML for lower bulk prices
    • Continued 50% utility tax reduction
    • Participated in Strategic Planning in 2011, 2012 and 2014
  3. Economic Development/Marketing
    • Approved TIF district plan
    • Developed rebranding initiatives
    • Worked on Gateway and Directional Signs
    • Developed & distributed Visitor’s Guide
    • Brought Tractor Supply to the Village
    • Approved Route 176 Transportation study
    • Commissioned DK Mallon Economic Development Plan of Dominick’s property
    • Added Retail Business (RB) zoning classification to encourage sales tax revenue
    • Authorized Hotel study
    • Promoted community events-WaucondaFest, Street Dances, Triathlon, Fireworks)
    • Coordinated and organized community events (Turkey Trot, Cruise Nights, Shamrock the Block, Bunny Hop) for business retention and destination feel
  4. Environmental
    • Authorized Bangs Lake Management Plan
    • supported SWALCO recycling efforts
    • IGA with Slocum Lake Drainage agency
    • Willow Road Drainage improvements
    • Approved LC Watershed Development Ordinance
    • Authorized coordinated efforts re: Circle Channel dredging
    • Authorized BLAC “take limits” for fish as well as partial village funding for fish stocking
    • Revamped permit fees to enhance fishing opportunities on Bangs Lake

Other Community Involvement

Star Charities- I am an active member and past Director of Sharing Time and Resources, a local 501(c)3, started in 2004, which supports local organizations with time and resources to benefit the area in a variety of ways. 

Wauconda Turkey Trot Chair- I coordinate sponsorships, registration, and all things that make up this annual Running/Walking event which promotes community spirit and raises awareness and funds for the local food pantry.

Cruise Night Committee Member-On the planning and marketing committee of this local event which promotes commerce, and family fun 

Wauconda Chamber of Commerce- I am an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and sponsor many events through my business.  Threads Boutique was awarded 'Entrepreneur" for 2014 and I was a nominee in 2017 for the Pinnacle Award.

FBLA Mentor & Judge- As a volunteer for the High School Future Business Leaders of America I help mentor the young adults and judge competitive events to prepare them for their future careers.